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Upcoming special district elections

By Carin R Kirkegaard

Tuesday May 3, Colorado will hold special district elections across the state.

Douglas County registered voters should watch for special district election ballots to arrive in mailboxes by mid-April. Ballots will be mailed between April 11 and April 18 to all eligible electors at the address listed on the voter rolls of the Douglas County Elections Division.

There are 32 special district categories that work in tandem with local governmental entities and help to fill the gap and provide services to residents that county governments are limited by Colorado law to provide. Special districts deliver a specific public service within defined boundaries. These districts can include health service, ambulance, health assurance, sanitation, fire protection, metropolitan, water, and parks and recreation.

The majority of special districts are governed by either a five- or seven-member constituent-elected board of directors, and elections are held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of May in even-numbered years.

Prospective voters can confirm voter registration at



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