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Urgent property tax message

from your Board of Douglas County Commissioners

Earlier this year, the Board of Douglas County Commissioners (BOCC) – in its capacity as the County Board of Equalization (BOE) – approved $28 million in tax relief for Douglas County homeowners. The across-the-board reduction of 4% in residential property values would have provided an average of $223 in estimated property tax relief for Douglas County homeowners. The State Board of Equalization rescinded that relief on December 18.

“A five-person political board just stole $28 million in tax relief from homeowners like you by acting outside the law,” said Commissioner George Teal in a video address to County residents. According to the BOCC, this move usurps local control and the legal right of local BOEs to make an adjustment in property values to provide relief. “We are pleased that Governor Polis agrees with our position,” Teal went on to say.

The State Board of Equalization consists of the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives (or their designees) and two members appointed by the Governor with consent of the Senate. According to state law, the Board has the power to review the valuations determined for assessment of taxes upon the various classes of real and personal property located within the counties of the state.

What can you do? Contact the State Board of Equalization directly and share your thoughts:

The Colorado Division of Property Taxation


House Speaker Julie McCluskie

Senator Chris Hansen

Bernard Beuscher

“Tell them to follow the law and grant the tax relief you deserve,” concluded BOCC Chairman, Abe Laydon.

Information provided by Douglas County County




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