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Voters say Yes to Roads and Schools

Ballot Issue 1A was approved.

In the off-year election held November 4, state voters generally chose “no.” No to expanding gambling in the state, no to shifting the tax burden from commercial to residential property, and no to the state water conservation board borrowing up to $2 billion. Douglas County voters said no to extending limits for County officials beyond two terms.

Voters were, however, in favor of schools and roads. Here is a synopsis of the election results in Douglas County and how they might affect Castle Pines:


County road funding (Ballot Issue 1A) was approved by 69% of the vote. Among the projects scheduled is the rebuilding of the CPN Parkway interchange with I-25.

Art Griffith of the Douglas County Public Works Department said that the project, scheduled to begin in April of 2004, will rebuild the present bridge that was constructed in 1962.

The new design will provide for at least four lanes on the bridge. A traffic light will be installed for Southbound I-25 traffic, and a median that will eventually be converted to at least one left-turn lane to get onto SB I-25, will be built to anticipate growth from The Canyons development on the east side of the highway.

A loop ramp will funnel the Northbound I-25 traffic. In addition, a frontage road will be built along the east side of I-25 from the interchange north to Lincoln Ave. A commuting plan is currently being developed by the Town of Castle Rock, which may involve a Park and Ride lot being constructed on the east side of I-25.

The construction is a joint partnership between Douglas County and CDOT.

Future plans include construction of a new road that would connect CP Parkway east to Parker (Stroh Road). The construction of this road will hinge on CDOT acquiring a separate access permit based on traffic forecasts.

And that big monument being constructed on the east side of I-25, north of Surrey Ridge? The City of Lone Tree is constructing it from Colorado sandstone. When finished, the south side will welcome you to Lone Tree, while the north side will announce the existence of RidgeGate Open Space, consisting of approximately 1,000 acres.



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