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Want to request a change to Xcel pole placement ? do it now!

While it is likely to be another month or two before the final Public Utilities Commission decision on whether Xcel will receive the PUC permit to rebuild one of the powerlines along the eastern border of CPN, Xcel is working on the engineering plans for the project and has offered to consider CPN-area homeowners’ requests for minor adjustments to pole placement.

Please see the attached letter from Xcel that explains how they will handle the homeowner requests. Xcel will be holding a special meeting on Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at 6:00 p.m. at the CPN Community Center, to discuss pole placement and possible minor pole location adjustments. The Xcel letter outlines their process and criteria for evaluating homeowners’ requests.

Residents who live near the powerline corridor are strongly encouraged to walk the corridor prior to the December 3 meeting. Xcel’s engineers have placed stakes in the ground to note the exact location of the new poles, according to their preliminary design.

Xcel has also provided us with maps showing the location of the existing and proposed pole locations. The maps are large, poster-size aerial photo’s of the area, and are not available in electronic form. The maps will be available at the December 3 meeting. If you’re interested in seeing the maps in advance of the meeting:

You can view the maps during the work day at the CPN Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire — enter via the door for Metro District, they’re posted on the wall in the hallway.

Or, if that doesn’t work for you, email, let us know what neighborhood you are in, and we’ll make arragements for you to get a look at the map.

If you have other questions about this process, contact Anne MacRae at Xcel, at 303-571-7353.



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