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Water authority receives funding to support residents

Approximately 25,000 rural residents in Douglas County own and rely on more than 8,000 active groundwater wells that tap into the Denver Basin aquifers. The Rural Water Authority of Douglas County (RWADC) has received $60,000 to support these residents.

The funding will come from the Board of Douglas County Commissioners with an affirmed recommendation from the Douglas County Water Commission. The monies will support: a monitoring program through the U.S. Geological Survey ($48,000); the 2024 Rural Water User Forum and RWADC website maintenance ($2,500); operations ($6,000) and contingency funding of $3,500.

The RWADC’s water monitoring program is crucial to collecting groundwater data required to evaluate conditions in the groundwater systems on which rural users depend.

Established in 2008, the RWADC is a nonprofit that provides a collective voice for rural water users in unincorporated Douglas County. The mission of the RWADC is to assist rural water users and small water providers through the collection of data and policy recommendations to its members and the Board of Douglas County Commissioners.

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