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Turn Off Those Sprinklers

Did you know that Castle Pines North has received almost three inches of rain during June? If you haven’t taken time to turn off your sprinklers lately, you could be wasting water…and money.

“As part of the new water budget, residents are allowed 4.5 inches of water during the month of June. We only need an additional 1.5 inches of water this month to meet our needs,” said Metro District Manager Judy Dahl. “The much needed rain fall has allowed us to turn off sprinklers, or reduce the amount of watering time for each cycle.”

Dahl hopes residents won’t ignore the rain and over water. “Too much water can actually weaken the root system of your lawn,” said Dahl. “We hope residents will take advantage of this unusually wet summer and turn off their sprinklers.”
If you would like to know how much rain we get in CPN, visit the website. Moisture statistics for Castle Pines North are monitored and posted daily.



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