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Dear Mrs. A – February

dear mrs a

Dear Mrs. A,

Curious in King’s Crossing asks:
What is an appropriate gift for an anniversary?

I love that you asked! Anniversaries have a long tradition of appropriate gifts, and it is a wonderful guide to get cheeky with! I am attaching a list with both traditional and modern takes on the subject.

Take a look at the list, take a look at your occasion and get creative!

list of anniversaries

For example, one of my favorite anniversaries is the first. It is represented by paper. What a fun time to purchase those paper tickets for an adventure. You could plan a trip to the museum, the opera, the ballet, or a grand adventure with plane tickets.

To celebrate someone else’s anniversary, a card or phone call commemorating the event can be a welcome gift.

And speaking of anniversaries, did you know the Castle Pines Connection is celebrating 15 years this year? We’re excited to celebrate and we’re so proud of the work our staff has done and continues to do – to connect our community. 

While the traditional gift for 15 years is crystal, you could send your sentiments and your feedback of our work by reaching out to us – a little encouragement goes a very long way.  The beautiful facets of the stories we share reflect our community in a meaningful way, and we hope you agree. Email and share your thoughts.

Mrs. A loves to celebrate! I hope you find these offerings helpful, and I hope you enjoy the celebration as much as I do. I hope your anniversaries are abundant and filled with joy!

Big Love,
Mrs. Abramovitz




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