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A family aspiring for hope

The Fincher family (left to right): Chad, Taylor, Valerie and Ryan.

Chad and Valerie Fincher are deeply committed to their family, faith, and serving their community. The couple first met at Cal State Fullerton’s campus ministry in Southern California.

“It was love at first sight for me. She’s still trying to figure it out 30 years later,” Chad said playfully. Valerie responded, “I don’t know what you’re talking about because I would be happier to marry you today than the day I said yes.”

The couple has been married for 28 years. They have two daughters, Taylor (22) and Ryan (19). Valerie Fincher (M.S.S.C., LPC) is a dually licensed counselor who serves adolescents and families as a school counselor in the Douglas County school system. Valerie also has a private counseling practice serving clients in the Denver metro and surrounding areas. She is passionate about guiding her clients through life’s challenges and helping them build the skills needed for a better tomorrow.

Chad has had a successful career as an entrepreneur and owner-operator of three of Colorado’s fastest-growing skilled home care and hospice agencies, providing care for the entire Colorado front range. Chad is a lifelong learner, dedicated to the ongoing and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and higher education, with three master’s degrees. Chad is attending Liberty University and finalizing his Doctorate in Theology and Apologetics by this year. The family has participated in mission trips to Cambodia, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. These international experiences have left a lasting impression on their children.

“It made the world seem more real to them,” said Chad. Valerie added, “I can tell you all day, and you’re not going to believe me, so let’s just go and let you learn for yourself.” She continued, “They came back and talked about when they were focused on other people, they didn’t have time to get anxious or get stuck thinking about themselves.”

Their oldest daughter Taylor embraced it, studying Korean for all four years of high school; she spent her senior year of college in Seoul, South Korea, and is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Korean. Chad shared, “Ryan, our youngest, has organized fundraising projects for kids with cancer and shaved her head twice. Those things happen when they experience the world and escape their bubble.”

In 2016, the family purchased land in the Village and built a home.

Happily married for 28 years, Valerie and Chad Fincher are committed to helping children who have suffered severe trauma by providing free professional therapy to children ages 5 to 18 through Aspire Hope for Kids.

“One of the biggest reasons we wanted to move to Castle Pines was the opportunity to build a main home and a guest house for Valerie’s parents to live with us,” Chad explained. “It’s been an awesome experience not only for them but also for our kids to be part of a multi-generational family.”

A harrowing event several years ago brought the family even closer together. Their youngest daughter, Ryan, was violently assaulted and attempted suicide at 13. As a professional counselor, Valerie knew how to find the therapy Ryan needed for healing.

“We are fortunate to have the resources, means, and knowledge to help our daughter,” Valerie stated. “There are many people who don’t.”

Chad took a leap of faith and was bought out of all three of his healthcare companies. This allowed them to fund and start Aspire Hope for Kids, a non-profit organization that offers free therapy to children who have undergone severe trauma and require assistance to heal. Valerie emphasizes, “This service is crucial for children in our community since there are inadequate mental health providers to treat all those in need.”

Chad was enthusiastic about this initiative. “Valerie’s dedication to helping children is inspiring,” Chad said. “The buyout allows us to fund this nonprofit and aid kids in dire need.”

To learn more about Aspire Hope for Kids, please visit their website at

By Mindy Stone, photos courtesy of Chad and Valerie Fincher




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