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Christian Brothers Automotive

The Golden Rule in action

Andrea and Steve Peterson love Castle Rock – where they reside and also where they own and operate their business, Christian Brothers Automotive.

Soft hands can make all the difference between success and failure in any business. Christian Brothers Automotive in Castle Rock owners Steve and Andrea Peterson seem to be proof of that concept.

The Petersons’ road to our community is an interesting tale. Midlife malaise hit Steve like a brick wall in 2013. Tired of what had become a hum-drum health service financial management career in Houston, Peterson wound it down. Since the couple’s daughters Megan and Lexi were well on the way to careers of their own, the time was ripe for a What Color is Your Parachute? moment – relocation and a career change.

Being a spreadsheet fellow, Steve went about the process systematically. He and Andrea rated all 50 states quantitatively and qualitatively to determine the ideal place for them. Colorado got the overwhelming nod.

Almost simultaneously, they happened on a franchise offering for Christian Brothers Automotive, a vehicle maintenance and repair service company. Steve went to the website and did his due diligence. Nine months later, having been vetted, trained and financially committed, the family found their way to Castle Rock.

Douglas County’s burgeoning economic climate was the potting soil. Steve’s own management savvy, employing operational metrics and sound service concepts provided critical mulch for success. That he had always loved tinkering with cars helped, as did Andrea’s accounting skills. Together and goal driven, they mapped out plans.

Steve knew the average consumer had varying experiences with the automobile service industry, many not so good. He saw this loyalty gap as his opportunity. The solution: quality service using first class, appreciated human capital – his employee team.

While customer satisfaction is an intangible, progress can be tracked through surveys. Job number one was to find top-notch people to deliver the experience. Right out of the box, Steve “hired for attitude and trained for aptitude.” Though sounding almost trite, both goals are at the very core of long-term business success.

The Petersons now have another location in Lone Tree.

Christian Brothers Automotive staff showing solidarity and humor, all sporting “Captain Hook” hands after a minor shop incident.

While Steve shapes his 24 talented employees into the best they can be, he notes that Andrea is the “shop mom,” a driving force behind birthdays, celebration lunches and get-togethers. Recognizing the need for well-balanced employees, company policy is to close on Saturday and Sunday, giving everyone two solid days of rest and relaxation with family and friends.

Each of the dynamic couple has other dimensions. For Steve, it’s golf, reading and travel. Andrea’s are cooking, travel and mother-daughter time. She is also a teacher and events planner. Both Petersons give time freely to noble community causes and charitable services. Both are involved in the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce (Steve is the past president), and his passion is serving Hide in Plain Sight, a nonprofit that helps underprivileged youth secure otherwise unavailable chances for vocational schooling or even college. Deeply compassionate, the couple discretely donates generously to those who have less.

Long before encountering the Christian Brothers opportunity, the Golden Rule guided Steve and Andrea’s lives. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

They have carried that thinking forward admirably in Douglas County, and it shows.

By Joe Gschwendtner; photos courtesy of Steve Peterson




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