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A happy family with a feline quartet

Marcella, Ken, Cocoa and Bob share snuggles, joy and purrfection.

In the serene Pine Ridge neighborhood, there is a tale of love, adoption and joy with Ken and Marcella Raust and their cherished feline companions: Bob, Churro, Cocoa and Loki.

Hailing from different states – Ken from California and Marcella from North Carolina – Ken moved to Colorado in 1986 and Marcella in 2000. The couple met in 2008 and got engaged on Diamond Head in Hawaii on leap day, 2012. A Hawaiian-themed wedding followed at The Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur.

The Raust’s home is nestled near The Ridge golf course, where they enjoy breathtaking views of Pikes Peak. Ken, working in accounting at Aquanuity in the Denver Tech Center, finds fulfillment in his career, while Marcella contributes to life-changing medical research at Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

Their shared passion for travel takes them on local explorations as well as trips to Hawaii and Vancouver, adding vibrant chapters to their life’s narrative.

Ken, once hesitant about embracing pets due to a dynamic lifestyle, found himself on an unexpected journey during the pandemic. The feline quartet began with the Raust’s visit to and local shelters.

Bob, the spirited feline leader, entered their lives from Buena Vista, infusing energy and joy into their home. Churro, a Texas transplant with a penchant for making crow-like noises, formed a close bond with Bob, creating an inseparable duo. Cocoa, the Siamese beauty with a sassy demeanor, conquered a turbulent past, becoming Ken’s little princess with her expressive personality. The youngest, Loki, brought spunk and playfulness from Rawlins, Wyoming, acting more like a dog than a cat having been raised around dogs since a young age.

The four cats’ antics, from Cocoa’s playful care of her bear toys to Loki’s energetic walks on a harness, have become a constant source of laughter for Ken and Marcella. The unique personalities of each cat have enriched their lives.

As Ken reflects on the incredible work of Colorado shelters, he emphasizes the significance of adopting pets. With retirement approaching, he looks forward to dedicating his time to volunteering at shelters, sharing love and companionship with animals in need.

Despite their bustling lives, Ken and Marcella discovered that their feline companions were the missing pieces they did not know they needed. As the sun sets over Ken and Marcella’s home, their cats continue to be a haven of love, laughter, and endless joy.

Churro (above) snuggles in his cozy cat house while Loki (below) goes wild on the couch … while the buck in the background is unfazed.

By Nicole Stark; photos courtesy of Ken Raust




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