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A lifetime of service and sacrifice

group of men in military uniforms

Greg Robinson during his deployment to Iraq in 2008.

In an era where valor and service to one’s country often take a backseat to the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is essential to recognize and celebrate individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the nation.  Winter Berry resident Lieutenant Colonel Greg Robinson, a true patriot and a symbol of unwavering dedication, has exemplified this commitment throughout his remarkable military career.

Robinson’s military journey began in 1998, when he graduated college and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army on the very same day, having participated in ROTC.  Robinson immediately embarked on a mission to learn his trade as a signal officer in communications, taking him to Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Alongside him was his wife, Rachel, who became a television news reporter for the local ABC affiliate.

His desire for global cooperation led him to Egypt, where he trained with international counterparts in 2000, underscoring his commitment to building bridges and shared understanding between nations.

After two years at Fort Stewart, Robinson made the decision to transition to Colorado in May 2001, setting the stage for a remarkable career shift.  He transitioned to the Army Reserve, serving one weekend per month while working his civilian job.  In 2003, he was called to Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, where he took on the responsibility of training groups of 50-150 soldiers in communications before their deployments to Iraq.  It was there that Robinson reclassified from Communications to become a Space Officer.

In 2008, Robinson’s journey took him to Iraq, where he served as a civil affairs officer supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.  His mission was to assist in fulfilling basic needs such as water, sanitation, sewer systems, and electricity infrastructure and their maintenance.  He worked with leaders from various countries who, for the first time in years, came together around these fundamental needs, thereby building internal capacity and fostering cooperation.

But it was not just about infrastructure; Robinson and his team also undertook to refurbish schools and provide school children with books and soccer balls.  Robinson explained, “It was an amazing experience, but tough at times to get leaders to work together.  I am hopeful that some of that is still in place today.”

In 2014, Robinson was called up once more, this time to Kuwait as a space officer, working on a program called Red Dot in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.  His team’s work was nothing short of heroic, as they provided intelligence on the locations of IEDs, saving countless lives.  Robinson said, “The fun part of the job was doing surveillance on certain areas and creating storyboards to tell the story of what we believed was happening and which areas were safe (or not).  We had a hand in saving troops’ lives and keeping them free from devastating injury.”

In 2020, Robinson’s service continued, as he moved to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Virginia, a key agency handling satellite imaging work for the United States.  At that point, he had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and his work supported vital space imagery initiatives.

Rachel, and their sons, Grant (19), a 2023 graduate from Rock Canyon High School and now at CSU, Blake (16), a junior at Rock Canyon, and Reed (11) in fifth grade at Denver Academy, have all played vital roles in supporting Robinson’s journey – serving from home and being a constant source of inspiration and motivation for him.

Robinson’s dedication to the military is underpinned by a set of core values.  Faith has been instrumental in keeping him and his troops safe.  Integrity and building a strong team were crucial for maintaining unit cohesion and safety, ensuring that the mission was always achieved.

family posed for photo wearing leis

Greg Robinson’s family has always been by his side, and his military journey is underpinned by faith, teamwork and integrity.

By Nicole Stark; photos courtesy of Greg Robinson



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