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A performer at heart

By Celeste McNeil; photo courtesy of Jean Dupper

Andrew Dupper

Andrew Dupper

Andrew Dupper is a senior at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) where he has been involved in the drama department his entire four years.

Dupper got hooked on drama in eighth grade and hasn’t looked back. Honk! Jr. was the first musical he performed in, as the role of Drake. “Ever since then, I’ve been consistently involved in drama,” he said.

He landed the role of the escapologist in the RCHS spring musical Matilda. “He [the escapologist] and the acrobat are part of a story within a story that Matilda tells; they represent love and kindness in a story that doesn’t see much of either of those,” Dupper explained about his role.

He loves how tangible drama can be, the organic nature of even rehearsed performances. “Every performance has its own quirks and you always have to be reacting and making things fresh. There’s always an opportunity to bring something better than you did before” he explained.

Dupper applies the same thoughtful and introspective mindset to his academics. He spends a lot of time working on software engineering and computer classes, but also really enjoys social studies. “It’s a very powerful feeling to gain a deeper insight into how the world works,” Dupper said. “Learning about history and geography really gives a better, more worldly perspective on life and leads us to be more considerate people,” he continued.

Photo of Andrew Dupper who discovered his love of theater and drama in eighth grade.

Andrew Dupper discovered his love of theater and drama in eighth grade and has actively participated in drama club and school musicals since, including RCHS’s production of Lucky Stiffs in 2021 (pictured right). Dupper looks forward to continued involvement in drama after he graduates high school.

The teachers at RCHS have been tremendous examples to him. “I’ve had many teachers that have inspired me to care about the most seemingly dull classes,” he admitted. “All the teachers do not just give quality instruction but are helpful and always willing to give advice,” he said of his experience in class.

As he continues his formal education, Dupper is looking forward to ongoing involvement in drama. “I hope to continue singing and acting in the future, through college and beyond. I’m considering pursuing music through college and intend to be an active member of the performing arts communities wherever I go. I love performing, so I hope to continue,” Dupper said.

He is still undecided on where he will attend college but plans to study computer science in addition to his continued participation in drama. He is currently involved with music, both in and outside of school. He hopes to keep that up as well.

Introspective of his last few months of high school, Dupper recognizes the balancing act of a graduating senior. “With it being the last semester of high school, I have lots of opportunities and obligations coming my way, and some of them may never come again – on top of all the great people I want to spend my time with before heading off to college.”



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