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Ask the City of Castle Pines…

Current wildfire mitigation efforts are underway in Douglas County. The City has worked with South Metro Fire Rescue and the County to identify high-risk, open space areas.

The current City of Castle Pines wildfire mitigation efforts are being conducted by Deer Creek Forestry LLC.  As a part of mitigation efforts, the City has worked with wildfire mitigation experts at both South Metro Fire Rescue and Douglas County to identify open space areas that are at high risk from potential wildfires.

The mitigation work is designed to help protect both homes and lives in the community.  This work will create natural firebreaks which can slow the spread of wildfires, giving firefighters a better chance to control a blaze and protect the community.  By creating mosaics – the transitional zone between two types of ecosystems – the City is trying to balance wildfire protection with preserving the natural habitat and landscaping around the community.  These mitigation efforts follow standards set by the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS).

Additionally, the City received a CSFS wildfire mitigation grant.  This award will supplement the funds required to provide mitigation to City-maintained open spaces over the next few years.

There are additional FAQs on the City’s website at


Information provided by Camden Bender, Communications Manager




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