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Aussie for “dog friend”

The Ramos family: Boo, Alis, Bella, Claudio and Tina (front) love the great outdoors and mountain adventures. The family stops in Cripple Creek to take in the view from a drive home from Buena Vista.

Australian Cobberdogs are purebred Labradoodles, dogs that are known to be social and friendly to all. Cobberdog actually means “dog friend” in the Australian language.

Claudio and Alis Ramos, with two daughters Bella and Tina, welcomed Boo into their home in 2021.

“Alis always wanted a dog; it only took 19 years for me to say yes,” said Claudio. Boo was worth the wait and is very much pampered by the Ramos family. “We could not have asked God for a better dog for our family. Boo has been a blessing to us,” added Claudio.

Cobberdogs excel as therapy and service dogs with their calm and affectionate temperament, not to mention being hypoallergenic. They are a versatile breed that thrive in both individual and family environments with children. Boo has not yet been trained for service, but he is happy being the Ramos’s only family pet.

Boo now and then likes to bark at the deer or squirrels, which the Ramos family find funny and usually respond with, “Oh yeah, look at our watchdog.”

Australian Cobberdogs are extremely intelligent and highly focused, but are also very social and capable of goofing off. Some say the breed is almost human-like, with an uncanny ability to pick up on people’s emotional cues.

Boo is Alis’ boy. Working as a nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit, Alis can see the difference in Boo’s behavior when she is drained after a difficult shift. Boo becomes mellow and calm and snuggles in next to Alis for her to pet him. Boo can also be a little jealous of his family, especially when they are sneaking a hug or kiss from one another. He is sure to get right in the middle of the action.

This attachment to people is not a problem when it comes time to leaving them on their own, as Cobberdogs are easily entertained with a favorite toy or just looking out the window. “We love how Boo melts whenever he meets someone else,” said Claudio. “He is just a mellow guy.”


By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Claudio Ramos

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