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Look kids…it’s the Five-O

man and woman stand behind food truck counter

Castle Rock Police Department Master Officer Seth Morrissey and Police Explorer Peyton Kannenberg serve hot chocolate from the “Hot Chocolate Five-O” trailer at Castle Rock Reindeer Games, held at the Amphitheater at Philip S. Miller Park in December.

Master Police Officer Seth Morrissey of the Castle Rock Police Department (CRPD) loves his job. As part of the Community Partnership Unit (CPU), Seth created a community outreach program that delights kids in Castle Rock.

The Five-O trailer is his brainchild. Purchased entirely through community donations, Seth parks the Five-O and his patrol car at community events and city parks and invites all to receive a free treat. In the summer, he serves an ice cream treat called the “Frosty Five-O.”  In the winter, he offers cups of hot chocolate or “Hot Cocoa Five-O.” At other events, root beer is served, “Frothy Five-O,” specially created by BURLY Brewing Company. All products from the trailer (magnetic decals, supplies and food) are donated from community partners.

Seth, a Nebraska native, has been with CRPD for nearly two decades. Like many peace officers, Seth has always known that law enforcement is where he belongs.

“I still have a shirt from when I was four years old that looks like a police uniform and has my name on the back,” he said. Policing is also in his family – his great aunt was the first female deputy in San Bernardino, California. As a teenager, his friend’s dad was an officer with the Hastings Police Department. Seth loved hearing his stories after work.

Seth studied criminal justice and business at the University of Nebraska before completing the Police Academy at Aims Community College in Greeley. CRPD was on Seth’s shortlist of police agencies, and he began with CRPD shortly after finishing the academy.

With experience as a crisis negotiator, Seth currently serves on the Peer Support team and Bike Unit in addition to his assignment on the CPU. “I love interacting with the community and finding new ways to do so,” Seth stated.

CPU specializes in problem solving and building solid relationships between the CRPD and citizens. “It is the bread and butter of the department,” Seth stated.

Though the Five-O trailer is a favorite, other CPU events offer something for every age group: Dirt Jumps and Donuts at Rhyolite Park, Splash Mob events (Think huge water fights), National Night Out at The Philip S. Miller Complex, the RUOK? (Are you okay?) program in partnership with the Castle Rock Senior Center, and many more.

Seth and his wife of 20 years are raising their daughters in Douglas County. Spending time with his family, including three dogs, is how Seth fills his free time. He is a hands-on parent, hair braiding and fingernail painting when his daughters were young, and witnessing milestones like homecoming and prom now that they are a little older. Seth also enjoys woodworking and working on cars.

“I live in a house full of girls and they are my world,” Seth concluded.


Article and photos by Celeste McNeil



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