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Boston Terrier the American Gentlemen

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Kyle Jones

Paxton’s smooth seal color coat casts a reddish tint as he enjoys a lazy day in the sun.

Meet Paxton, a Boston terrier that lives in the Castle Pines community with his owners Kyle Jones and Kevin Gandomcar. Named after former Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch, his perfect markings give him the appearance of wearing formal wear, as if he were a distinguished gentleman. It is these stylish tuxedo markings that have earned the Boston terrier the nickname, “American Gentlemen.”

Once bred to be ferocious fighting dogs, today Boston terriers are lovers and not fighters. They are gentle, affectionate dogs that get along with all members of the family. These compact, short-tailed, well-balanced dogs weigh in at no more than 25 pounds – making them the perfect pet in any type of home or apartment.

The Boston terrier came into existence in the late 1800s in Boston, Massachusetts. There are many varying stories about how the breed came to be, but according to the Boston Terrier Club of America, one fact is true – almost all modern Boston terriers are descended from Judge, himself, a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier that was undoubtedly imported from England.

Paxton’s small size makes him the perfect companion for kids. He is small enough that he will not knock them down but large enough he’s not easily injured.

Although Paxton lives here in the 80108 ZIP code, his hometown is Boston. His owners waited 2 ½ years for his arrival and perfect markings. This April, it will be five years since Gandomcar happily brought Paxton to his new home in Castle Pines. Paxton adjusted very well and was easy to train. He is very obedient, and he has never raised his lip at anyone or any living creature or thing. Paxton is attentive, letting his people know when he needs a drink of water or it’s time to play ball. He is a protector and worries when his owners are no longer in sight, herding them back where he can keep a watchful eye.

Dexter, an 8-week-old Boston terrier, is the newest addition to the Jones/Gandomcar household.

Paxton is full grown and weighs 22 pounds. Boston terriers can sometimes be known as stubborn, but that all depends on the training during their infancy. According to Jones, Paxton has no stubborn traits except he never wants to stop playing ball. Ball is game of choice for Paxton and with any ball – tennis, rubber, bouncy and squeaky, it doesn’t matter. They all make ball time fun and exciting for Paxton.

Both Jones and Gandomcar agree that Boston terriers are great family dogs; a perfect pet for any household. So perfect, they recently added a new member to their family of three. Dexter is an 8-week-old Boston terrier who joined the family. Dexter may have big paws to follow, but he will enjoy countless days filled with games of ball with his new brother Paxton.



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