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City launches online map to show development projects

The City of Castle Pines has launched the Development Activity Map (DAP), an online tool allowing citizens to keep track of ongoing and proposed development projects.

The DAP provides information on land use projects to include commercial, residential, parks and more. One notable feature of the DAP is its ability to stay current throughout the application to development process.  For example, a private landowner may initially submit an application for a project, and later, it might not move forward.  This dynamic aspect of the DAP ensures that residents have access to up-to-date information about projects.

City officials believe that the DAP will help foster a stronger sense of community engagement and transparency.  By making this information readily accessible, residents can actively participate in discussions about the City’s growth.

To check it out, visit the “Development Activity Map” section of the City’s website at

For additional information, visit or call 303-705-0200.

A screenshot of the Development Activity Map on the City of Castle Pines website.


By Bear Rothe; graphic courtesy of City of Castle Pines




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