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Coffee Klatch with the mayor

Mayor Tracy Engerman

One thing many residents love about living in Castle Pines is that it feels more like a community than a city. That is the feeling Mayor Tracy Engerman wants to build on by having monthly coffee gatherings officially called Coffee Klatch with Tracy.

To kick off the year, on January 18, Engerman held her first coffee at Ziggi’s. For more than an hour, she talked with the gathering of residents about City-related issues.

“My hometown in Kansas had deep German cultural roots, and we had something called a coffee klatch where people came together over coffee to chat,” said Engerman. “I loved the sense of community those conversations fostered, and it often made me smile that, without fail, a few almost-retired farmers were generally the last to leave and often had the most to say.” She added that she wanted to recreate this opportunity to foster community. Klatch in German translates to “a social gathering.”

The second coffee klatch happened virtually on February 17. The next one, on March 21, will be in person at 7:30 a.m. at Ziggi’s Coffee.

To date, the questions have mainly centered around stormwater management, but Engerman is confident the conversations will expand as the meetings continue.

To learn more about when and how you can take part in Coffee Klatch with Tracy, visit the City’s calendar at for information on upcoming chats.

By Karen Leigh; courtesy photo




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