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It is an election year; did you receive two ballots?

Registered voters who received two ballot options in the recent primary elections are registered as “Unaffiliated.” If you believe you are registered to a major party, you should have received only one ballot. If you received two ballots and you thought you were registered as a Democrat or a Republican, we want to hear from you. Email

It is an election year, so prepare for the robocalls, texts, mailers and the endless television commercials. Recently, Douglas County registered voters received official voting ballots for primary election day, Super Tuesday on March 5.

If you registered as a Democrat or a Republican, your mailer should have included only the political party ballot of your designation.  If you received two ballots in your envelope, you may want to check your registration status with the Colorado Secretary of State, because that means you are registered as Unaffiliated (

No matter which way you decide to vote in the primary election, your designation will remain. Of course, a voter may only fill out one of the ballots; returning both will nullify the vote. (If you are affiliated with a minor party, you did not receive a primary ballot.)

Regardless of your designation, make your voice heard.

If mailing in your ballot, add a first-class stamp and drop it in the mail by Monday, February 26.

If dropping at a ballot drop box, no postage is required. There is a drop box behind Douglas County Libraries – Castle Pines (360 Village Square Lane). It will close at 7 p.m. on March 5.

To vote in person at a voter service center, go to the link below to find locations.

For more information on voting locations or how to make changes to your party affiliation, visit


By Hollen Wheeler; courtesy photo




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