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King Soopers – Dennis Fossceco

Connecting with customers and grateful for community


Dennis and Danette Fossceco met while working at King Soopers and married in July 2019.

Dennis Fossceco has held several roles in his 30 years with King Soopers, but being the store leader at the Castle Pines location has been a “blessing.”

“I’ve worn many hats throughout my career at King Soopers and for Kroger [the parent company of King Soopers], but the most enjoyable part of the job is connecting with the many customers – the regulars – on a daily basis,” he said.

Fossceco (pronounced Fo-SEE-co) has been manager at the Lagae location for more than three years overseeing 120 associates, who he tries to connect with individually on a daily basis. He underscored that he and his team are grateful for the generosity from residents during the pandemic, who regularly paid for lunches and dinners for the employees. “The outpouring of love and support from this community during the pandemic was phenomenal,” said Fossceco. “It’s something I will always take with me.”

A native of Pueblo, Fossceco grew up helping his parents in their respective businesses. “My parents taught me a strong work ethic,” he said. His dad was a floor covering mechanic, and Fossceco learned technical skills and about hard labor. Fossceco also worked for his mother who ran a video store. He joked that he could either wake up with aches and pains working for his dad or work standing up, in retail with air conditioning, for almost the same amount of money. “I chose the second option,” he quipped.

They love spending time in the Colorado outdoors together.

In 1991, at the age of 22, Fossceco moved to Colorado Springs to work his first job at King Soopers as a courtesy clerk. There, he met and married his first wife and the couple have a son, who is an electrical engineer. In 2012, Fossceco moved with the company to Castle Rock.

While working on a special project, Fossceco met his current wife, Danette, who was one of the specialists for the Kroger main office. The couple married in July 2019. Danette retired from King Soopers after 38 years and is currently in real estate and a life coach.

They love spending time in the Colorado outdoors together.

When they aren’t working, the Fosscecos take to the outdoors. “If we aren’t biking, we’re hiking; if we aren’t hiking, we’re camping,” he said. “We like to get into our little trailer and disappear for an entire week.” They also enjoy snowshoeing and recently picked up paddle boarding. They own two cats, a brother and sister.

Fossceco says he will most likely retire in his current position and is grateful for all of his opportunities with King Soopers and the Castle Pines community.


By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Dennis Fossceco




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