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Curious about everything – former student turns small business owner

By Elean Gersack, photos courtesy of Jordan Weinstein

Family means everything to Jordan Weinstein. He is pictured (front center) with his mom Laura, dad Gary, and younger brothers Brandon (right) and Evan (left).

As the oldest of three boys, Jordan Weinstein was the first to explore college, career paths and adulting. With the support and encouragement of his parents, Weinstein decided that his path would be just that – his. Curious by nature, he didn’t feel pressure to have his life planned out right away. Rather, he knew that trying on ideas by learning and exploring would become the recipe for his life.

As a youngster growing up in Castle Pines, Weinstein played coach-pitch baseball, discovered a passion for basketball, headed down to Coyote Ridge Park for “Movies in the Park,” and created some lifelong friendships. “A hoop and a few guys and you are good,” shared Weinstein about his love of the game and his friends. He attended Timber Trail Elementary, Rocky Heights Middle School and graduated in 2018 from Rock Canyon High School.

A family affair! Weinstein and his brothers working at GreenEarth Cleaners. Pictured left to right – Brandon, Jordan and Evan Weinstein.

At age 16, Weinstein’s parents gave him the gift of asking him to get a job and the responsibility that comes with it – and so he did. After a short stint at a restaurant, he landed at GreenEarth Cleaners, a job that would end up lasting nearly five years and afford him the ability to work, save and ultimately start a business. “It was a great place to work,” shared Weinstein adding that now his two younger brothers work there.

While many of his friends headed to traditional four-year universities, Weinstein decided that he would be better served by living at home, saving money and really focusing on his studies. In December of 2020, he received his associate degree in business from the Community College of Denver (CCD). “I owe it to my parents for encouraging openness. It was a different environment; I gained a lot of life exposure,” shared Weinstein.

While at CCD, Weinstein continued to perpetuate curiosity. He talked to people, explored jobs and careers, and really thought about what made him happy. He was fortunate to intern with a small business in Castle Pines, Mortgage Toolbox, where the owner took him under his wing and helped him learn the ins and outs of processing loans and the world of finance. He realized then that he was a numbers person. “When you want to learn about it in your free time, you know you love it,” he said.

After graduating from CCD, Weinstein was accepted at two universities and ready to pursue his bachelor’s degree with plans of being a financial analyst; however, he pivoted when he recognized that two very important components – people and entrepreneurship – were missing with that path. “I knew I needed people. Everything in life is relationships,” said Weinstein.

After discovering an online bookkeeping certification course, Weinstein realized that it would connect his dots. The course would allow him to create his own business, build and grow relationships and use his financial talents all together. After taking the leap and completing the course, he started his own small business, Boundless Bookkeeping

Solutions, in March of 2021. Weinstein creates strong financial systems that help his growing client base make better business decisions.

Weinstein doesn’t try to predict the future, but he is certainly committed to being agile, grounded in all that matters to him – including family and health – as well as building lasting relationships along the way. “Everyone has their own journey,” smiled Weinstein.




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