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Douglas County Still #1 in Growth

Based on figures from 2000 through 2002, Douglas County still leads the nation in “rooftop counts,” with 13,761 new units. That represents an increase of 21.7 percent according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.
Cheryl McDade, Castle Pines North’s Finance Manager, says that our area’s growth is a reflection of the county’s. “June (2003) was a huge month for us,” she said. Usually, CPN logs about 30 to 40 total homes sold per month, but June came in at 66 units sold, of which 31 were sales of new homes.

Colorado’s growth was second only to Nevada, which showed a 9 percent increase in housing units. Colorado increased 6.7 percent, from 1.81 million to 1.93 million. Colorado’s newest county, Broomfield, which became a county in 2001, experienced the sixth-largest percentage gain in the U.S. The census estimates include both occupied and vacant homes.



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