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Executive chef preparing for world-class golf tournament

Travis Teague, executive chef at the Castle Pines Golf Club is preparing for the crowd of 20,000 or more ticket holders and volunteers at the BMW Championship this August 22-25.

As the prestigious Castle Pines Golf Club prepares to host the highly anticipated BMW Championship this August, all eyes are on Travis Teague, who is poised to oversee the Club’s food service during a major tournament for the first time as executive chef. “We are in full throttle planning mode,” Travis said.

Travis began his career at the Club in 2005 as a line cook. He steadily climbed the ranks, demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication. Promoted first to sous chef, then to chef de cuisine to focus on the Club’s catering offerings, his ascent culminated in his current role as executive chef, a position he has held for three years.

Travis has been on staff for other major tournaments and knows what to expect now that he is in charge of the kitchen. “We know what each day of a tournament has been in the past, but we are always looking to impress with more,” he said, noting that during the week of the tournament the kitchen will effectively be a 24-hour operation.

During Travis’ career, the Club has prided itself on emphasizing seafood dishes. Travis holds a particular fondness for signature steaks and homemade pastas, which have become favorites among members and guests alike. The Club rotates and experiments with its menu, but as Travis points out, “Some dishes stick and become favorites, even if you take them off the menu you kind of have to keep them available.”

In anticipation of the influx of members, players and their families, the Club is bolstering its kitchen infrastructure. Additional equipment is already being installed to handle the increased demand to include a refrigerated box truck which will arrive the week before the tournament to ensure the kitchen is supplied throughout the event.

An estimated 1,300 members, players and their families are expected to be served breakfast, lunch and a light afternoon meal each day of the tournament. To meet this demand, the Club is expanding its roster, temporarily more than doubling its regular staff size. The anticipated crowd of 20,000 or more ticket holders and volunteers will have access to contracted concession services that specialize in this world-class sporting event.

With the tournament still months away, the Club is looking forward to being back in the PGA spotlight. “Our founders always wanted the Castle Pines Golf Club to be a prestigious location for professional golf,” Travis concluded. “They would be very proud of what we are doing this year.”


Article and photo by Bear Rothe



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