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Golfing Buddies Sink Holes-in-One

Castle Pines friends gather at The Ridge for a post-celebration following Jon Loomer’s hole-in-one at The Ridge at Castle Pines. (Standing left to right): Loyd Saenger, Sharon & Phil Ferris, Barb Saenger, and John & Tracy Nash. (Seated left to right): Jon Loomer and Gene Postma.

Longtime Castle Pines residents Jon Loomer and Loyd Saenger have each been playing golf for more than 50 years, and the two regularly play together at The Ridge at Castle Pines. In the past month, the friends each scored individual aces during separate outings and had the opportunity to celebrate each others’ successes.

Loomer said he got his first (and only other) hole-in-one about 30 years ago on a course in California, but this is his first mile-high victory.

Saenger said this was his first hole-in-one, and quipped, “If you play long enough, the hole will eventually get in the way.”

Alex Weldon, assistant general manager at The Ridge, said Loomer and Saenger are regulars at the club and,

“It is awesome to see players get holes-in-one because it helps keep them vested in the game, and we are happy for these guys.”

The Ridge sees on average 10-15 holes-in-one per year, based on roughly 30,000 rounds of golf estimated Weldon. “I personally have never gotten that ‘ever elusive’ hole-in-one myself,” he said, “but it’s certainly

not due to my lack of trying!”


By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Jon Loomer





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