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Pino’s new owner and chef

two men in front of restuarant

Executive chef Vince Scantlebury and new owner Dimas Asevedo stand to greet customers at Pino’s entrance.

Jim Collin’s book Good to Great speaks of transitioning a business from good to great by having “disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action.”  The first step to greatness according to Collins is “first who, then what?” – which starts with leadership.

Pino’s Italian Kitchen & Bar has a new owner and manager, Dimas Asevedo, who wants to elevate the Italian neighborhood spot with that greatness approach.  Together with childhood friend and Pino’s new executive chef, Vince Scantlebury, the dynamic duo invites residents of Castle Pines and locals of the south metro area to come sit at their table.

Asevedo and Scantlebury are not new to the hospitality scene.  Both went to Thornton High School and they have had a friendship that has endured diverging careers since 1996.  The two worked professionally together at Ameristar Casino Resort in Black Hawk.  After achieving culinary status, Asevedo went into finance to learn the behind the scenes of operations and management.  Asevedo may be a familiar face if you have visited his other restaurant Reelfish Fish & Chips, located in Lafayette.  It is known for sustainable sourcing and its gluten-free seafood menu.

Scantlebury achieved a culinary resume at several high-end resorts, most recently leaving his position at Grill & Vine at The Westin located at Denver International Airport.  With a disciplined business mindset, Asevedo said he wanted to expand and jumped at the opportunity to acquire Pino’s.

Previous owner Joe Sabia is graciously working with Asevedo and Scantlebury during the transition.  Sabia is “thankful for six-and-a-half great years, the amazing support during the toughest time in the industry, and the wonderful friendships made within the community.”  Sabia still plans to be a regular customer, but above all is looking forward to spending more time with his family.

Familiar staff faces will continue to greet guests and some of the staple items will remain on the menu.  Scantlebury is working tirelessly to streamline the menu as well as offer new featured dishes to highlight his appreciation of cultural tastes and talented culinary skills.

Asevedo and Scantlebury had both of their families dine at Pino’s and want to continue expanding the extended family by having guests, locals and tourists stop by Pino’s.  With intense determination and profound humility, Asevedo wants Pino’s to be “the spot.”

He added, “By elevating Pino’s from good to great in Castle Pines, it becomes the place to be… and it so happens to serve scratch-style, good Italian food,” as if you had stepped into Asevedo’s home or Scantlebury’s kitchen.  To keep up with the changes at Pino’s, visit

group of people in restaurant

New restaurant owner Dimas Asevedo and his family joined new executive chef Vince Scantlebury and his family for a meal at their new business venture together, Pino’s Italian Kitchen & Bar.

By ViVi Somphon; photos courtesy of Dimas Asevedo



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