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Having fun at Daniels Gate Park in April

Left: Eliot Nelson (left) who lives in Castle Pines Village, hanging out with his friend, Rhett, of King’s Crossing Right: Little Wade, trying out the monkey bars

by Liz Jurkowski

Hidden behind the Turquoise Terrace neighborhood on Daniel’s Gate Road is a quiet and delightful park. Daniel’s Gate Park was built in 2001, and includes a fun playground as well as a multi-purpose grass field. The park is layered, with the play equipment on the upper level next to the parking lot. On the lower level is a great playing field where many local soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and football teams practice and play games.

Because of its out-of-the way location, Daniel’s Gate Park is less used than many of the other Castle Pines parks. So go find it! The rolling hills that surround it offer an outstanding setting for an hour of fun with the family.

Information on parks and open space areas in Douglas County can be found online at

The playground at Daniel’s Gate Park

View of the multi-purpose field




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