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Holistic health at any age

Jillian Sparks (left) and Caley Jones (right) owners of HOTWORX studios in Parker and Castle Rock, respectively. Whereas many franchises have a bit of competition between them, these two business owners share an unusual collaboration and friendship.

Even though Jillian Sparks and Caley Jones both live in 80108, it was a HOTWORX convention that brought them together after they each had purchased franchises. They were drawn to each other as kindred spirits; both having arrived at the same place for similar reasons but at different times in life. Despite Sparks and Jones being 23 years apart in age, they claim to be “like sisters” supporting each other and even collaborating to make both their businesses successful.

Both Sparks and Jones are positively passionate about helping others through their HOTWORX franchises in Parker (Sparks’) and Castle Rock (Jones’). Sparks, who has battled autoimmune diseases her whole life, explored a multitude of holistic ways to avoid taking medications. Although she had and continues to have a great career in interior design, Sparks said, “The more I researched HOTWORX, the more I realized I could really make a difference in peoples’ lives. At 60, I finally feel like I’m following my passion.”

Caley Jones with her husband, Cody, and their children Beau (7), Arla (4) and Fisher (2). Jones owns HOTWORX Castle Rock.

Jones has years of experience in quality assurance where she tested different products, including textiles, baby products and organic foods, for harmful chemicals. This “opened her eyes” she said to all the toxins we are exposed to, taking her down a holistic health route. Jones said she loves how HOTWORX opens the door for people who come for the workout, but get all the health benefits of infrared heat.

Members complete a 30-minute isometric (yoga, pilates, bands, etc.) or a 15-minute high-intensity interval training (bike, rowing, etc.) in a 125 degree sauna room while receiving infrared heat absorption. The two owners have experienced many of the physical and emotional benefits themselves and talked animatedly about the many improvements they have seen in their members – detoxification which helped a young woman clear cystic acne, muscle recovery for a professional athlete, reduced inflammation for a woman in her 50s, and pain management for a member with Parkinson’s who is in his 70s.

The Sparks family (left to right) back row: James, Devin, Jillian, husband Jim, Lauren and Derek. Front row grandkids left to right Hudson, Logan, Henry and Audrey. Jillian and Jim have a total of nine grandkids. Sparks owns HOTWORX Parker.

Sparks opened her franchise one year before Jones, so she shared what she had learned and what she wished she had done differently. Jones exclaimed, “I was very lucky to have Jillian when we were opening; she gave us advice for all the events leading up to the opening. Jillian and her husband, Jim, even helped us sign members up on opening day.” In turn, Sparks said, “When we were struggling with a new software program, Caley came to Parker and trained my whole staff.”

The two businesswomen buzzed with ideas, excitedly going back and forth about team-building events and marketing strategies. Being advocates for holistic health-related businesses, they both display business cards in their studios for health and wellness businesses owned or run by members.

One might say the two are competitors, as there are many homes between Parker and Castle Rock, yet the two laugh at the suggestion and share the pride of being very successful because of their passion for holistic health and their newfound sisterhood.

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photos courtesy of Jillian Sparks and Caley Jones




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