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Peaceful future grows through ShesCHERIshed

By Elise Brassell; photos courtesy of ShesCHERIshed

Pic of ShesCherished founder

Natalie Carrado, founder of ShesCHERIshed, creates hope and healing for victims of domestic violence.

It is the kind of thing most people think couldn’t happen to them or someone they know, but it does. Domestic violence happens to people in all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, education, profession or socioeconomic status. In fact, Douglas County averaged nearly 800 domestic violence-related calls to police last year alone.

ShesCHERIshed is a nonprofit organization that wants to change the statistics and not just help women and children heal from domestic violence, but eliminate it altogether. “We exist to encourage women to establish spiritual, mental and physical strength,” said Natalie Carrado, founder and executive director of ShesCHERIshed.

Photo of land for future site

This parcel of land near Sedalia will one day be home to a retreat facility and shelter where victims of domestic abuse can find a safe, welcoming place to stay.

Carrado named the nonprofit after her mother, Cheri, who passed away three years ago in a car accident. Cheri was a victim of domestic violence but had become a survivor of abuse almost 10 years before her passing. “Because of my own firsthand knowledge and witness to the terrible mental and physical entrapment of domestic violence, I wish to help others escape this cycle of abuse,” Carrado said.

Carrado and her husband sold their home in Parker and purchased land near Sedalia to pursue their long-term goal to build a domestic violence shelter in Douglas County to become a place of refuge and a safe haven for women to rest, heal and grow. They are currently seeking corporate and individual sponsors, as well as people with construction and engineering expertise, to partner with them to help make their vision a reality.

“Our plan is to assist those enduring domestic violence currently and help them get out of their situation. We need funding so that we can build a retreat facility and shelter with beds for these women and children to stay,” Carrado said.

In the short-term, the organization is focused on helping women to begin the recovery process by providing essentials such as food, shelter and diapers along with therapy, job skills, victim advocacy and other services.

“If you or someone you know is experiencing a domestic violence situation, feel free to reach out to us at ShesCHERIshed, and we will put you in touch with many local resources that may be able to help,” stated Carrado.

To learn more about the organization, its mission and how to donate or lend your expertise, visit

The belief that nonprofit organizations strengthen our community, combined with faith in our readership and humanity in general that we all have talents to share, The Castle Pines Connection is committed to featuring a different local nonprofit each month. This month we highlight ShesCHERIshed.



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