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Dr. Jeremy Williams, Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

A mission of change

By Susan Helton; photos courtesy of the Williams family

Picture of bridge in Nepal

On his mission trips to Nepal, Jeremy works with education, clean water, and environmental issues. Access to the villages can be challenging, for example, crossing a narrow suspension bridge outside one remote village. Some of the villages sit at elevations as high as 14,000 feet.

Dr. Jeremy Williams, a Colorado native and resident of The Village, is co-owner of Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery with partners Dr. Christopher Williams and Dr. Michael Miller. Jeremy grew up in Colorado Springs. “My family’s been here for about 130 years,” he said. His father’s family came from Salida and his mother’s family were cattle ranchers in eastern Colorado. Jeremy’s wife of 25 years, Kimberly, grew up in Loveland, Colorado. They met in South Carolina while in college and married right before Jeremy started medical school.

The scope of plastic surgery is what drew Jeremy to that field. “It’s one of the few specialties where you operate literally head to toe and from young to old,” Jeremy said. “When I went to medical school, I never really settled on one single thing. It was a lot of different things that I liked, and plastic surgery fits into that.”

Some aspects of running the private practice surprised Jeremy. “It was an eye-opener, the entrepreneurial skill needed. A lot of different hats to wear – not things you learn in medical school – at the same time trying to bring new procedures into the practice,” said Jeremy.

Picture of family

Jeremy’s family (from the left): his younger son Carson, his wife Kimberly, his elder son Evan, and his daughter Kendall.

“I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to follow my real passion in life. My mom and dad were really helpful and encouraged me to do things that I loved,” Jeremy said. “The other person who’s probably had the greatest influence is Kimberly. She really has inspired me on a daily basis to pursue what I feel I was placed on this earth to do. She never once complained. She’s a huge advocate of me following what I feel like I’m supposed to do.”

Jeremy and Kimberly have three children. The eldest, their daughter Kendall, was born while Jeremy was still in medical school. She is now a senior at Texas Christian University. Their other two children, both boys, were born during Jeremy’s surgical residency at Johns Hopkins. Their elder son, Evan, just graduated from Valor Christian High School and is headed to Baylor University after a gap year doing missions work. Their younger son Carson is a sophomore at Valor.

Away from the practice, Jeremy and his family enjoy skiing, hiking, hunting and mountain biking. “Pretty much all the Colorado outdoor activities,” said Jeremy. “And we have a fair amount of fun doing missions work together overseas. All of our kids, when they turned 12, traveled abroad with us. We travel about a month a year in Nepal doing missions work, mostly development work.”

Picture in helecopter

“Most of the Nepal villages we work in are about three weeks from the nearest road, so we use helicopters to get in and out,” said Jeremy

Jeremy and his family use a lot of their free time doing missions work overseas. “We’ve been blessed with opportunities: A wonderful private practice, my own surgery center, a nice neighborhood. We feel those are all an opportunity to leverage for things that are bigger than ourselves… having an impact,” Jeremy said. “Everybody in life has a purpose but not everybody has significance. We definitely want our kids to learn what significance looks like.”




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