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Let’s Hit the Floor

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Readers,

I’ve just come from a barn dance, and I’m thrilled to share what I learned regarding the elements and etiquette of social dancing.  Social dances are intended for participation rather than performance, and what a fun time can be had by all.

In a social dance environment, it is customary to say “yes” when someone asks you to dance.  I have lived by this rule.  If someone has the courage to ask you to dance, you should have the courage to agree.  It shows the room that you are open to engagement and ready to hit the floor!

How do you ask someone to dance?  Approach the person and ask them, “Would you like to dance?”  Put your left hand out as an offering, and escort the person to the dance floor.  In less modern times, it has been the tradition that the men ask the women to dance.  But this custom has gradually changed, and women should feel equally comfortable asking a partner for a dance, even in a formal setting.

Other elements include: giving encouragement rather than criticism, and smile.  Smiles are contagious and make everyone on the dance floor feel better.  Also, someone has to lead in the brief partnership, and it usually falls to the male.  Let him.  And finally, show consideration of others.  The outer ring is for the very fast and experienced dancers; the middle ring is for the slower set; and the inside ring is for learners and more interpretive dancers.  I also learned the “clavicle press,” a trick to keep cowboys at bay who are trying to get too close.  All those years in Texas, and I never knew.  Reach out to me if you’re curious!

Have fun!

Big Love,

Mrs. Abramovitz




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