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Life lessons on display through art

Delaney McCallum stands proudly by her art project featuring life lessons displayed on ceramic spheres.




























Valor Christian High School opened its doors to neighbors on Saturday, February 4 for the annual Winter Art Show, an event to celebrate work from all Valor art students.

The showing at Valor Center was packed with parents, siblings, friends and community members wandering the three floors of wall-to-wall art created in both traditional and digital media classes.

Talent, heart and imagination were on full display.

The open house concept gave the students a chance to stand next to their art and interact with guests and field questions. Delaney McCallum’s ceramic spheres were one of the first things to experience entering the exhibit.

When asked what inspired her, the sophomore said, “The theme of the project was gratitude. I chose my art to represent the gratitude I have for the lessons I have learned in life.”

Each of McCallum’s spheres had a different message or meaning attached to it. For example, one sphere said “It does get better,” while another said, “Good things take time.”

McCallum added, “I couldn’t pick just one lesson, so I made several spheres, or planets. And the size of the sphere represents how important that message has been in my life so far.”

When asked about having her art on display, McCallum said it was harder than she expected. “It is stressful to hear other people’s critiques, but at the same time, hearing people connect and relate to my art was extremely rewarding.”

Other art displays included paintings, sculptures, photography and even a skateboard.

Delaney McCallum describes her art as life lessons.

Article and photos by Karen Leigh



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