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Metro District employee; a ray of sunshine in a snowy situation

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District employee David Anderson reluctantly paused for a photo in front of the Metro District office.  “I just did what anyone would do; I’m glad I could help,” he said.  “It must be a slow news day if this is what you are reporting on,” he joked, to which we replied, “Not a slow news day, but a good news day!”

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett

For the most part, it’s been a mild winter in Castle Pines.  We have had a few storms, and last month resident Lupe Lynge found herself caught in one, the victim of unpleasant circumstances followed by an unexpected delight.

The Connection received the following letter from Lynge’s daughter, Cyndi Dearth, in regard to the actions of Castle Pines North Metropolitan District’s superintendent of parks and trails, David Anderson:



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