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Multiple miracles in the making

Carla Sharrar, a cashier at King Soopers in Castle Pines, with her husband Shayne, their daughter Bryanna and grandchild Skylar. Baby Skylar was born five minutes before Shayne went into surgery for a liver transplant after three failed attempts.

Carla Sharrar, a cashier at King Soopers in Castle Pines, said, “Miracles keep happening.” Carla and her husband, Shayne, came through a very difficult experience that started with a terrifying accident leading to the discovery that Shayne needed a liver transplant. After nearly five months in the hospital and four attempts at surgery, Shayne made it through one of the toughest operations a person can have, and he is getting stronger every day. The family wants to thank the community that has supported, encouraged and prayed for them.

Carla said, “I love to talk to my customers. They tell me what’s going on with them, and I share what’s going on with me.” Carla said that when customers Lynn and Chuck became aware of how sick her husband was while waiting for a donor, they ran around the store and bought gift cards. Lynn tucked them into Carla’s pocket, insisting she keep them. “It really blew me away because I didn’t know her and she had tears in her eyes,” Carla said. Shayne added, “It really helped us.”

As customers became aware of Carla’s situation, they would ask Carla for her husband’s name to pray for him. “There’s a good community here,” Shayne added. Carla, who has worked for Kroger for 26 years in a number of stores in the surrounding area, said, “Castle Pines is my favorite customer community and store community. Everyone is kind and caring.”

King Soopers employees, including U.S. Bank, all rallied for the Sharrar family and Carla said her store manager, Dennis Fossceco, was “amazingly supportive through the whole thing.” Carla admitted it was tough to hold it together as she was working not only crazy hours at King Soopers, but also working a second job at night and trying to visit Shayne in the hospital in Aurora. Shayne said, “It’s like a big family there at King Soopers, and it made me feel better that Carla had that kind of support at work; but I don’t know how she did it.”

After the devastation of three failed attempts at a liver transplant (they were not viable), Shayne went in for his fourth surgery attempt on January 4; at the same time, his daughter Bryanna went into a different hospital to have her baby. The doctor told Carla that this was Shayne’s last chance, so Carla had to make the difficult choice to be with her husband instead of her daughter. Five minutes before Shayne was taken into surgery, their daughter Bryanna delivered baby Skylar. “If anything happened, at least I got to see my granddaughter (by FaceTime),” Shayne shared tearfully.

This Castle Rock family has come through the ordeal stronger, which Carla credits to their faith. Carla said it is important for anyone waiting for a transplant to know there will be ups and downs and that it may take more than a few tries to find the right donor. Shayne, who has lost 131 pounds and counting, has cut out sugar and fast food, which he believes was slowly killing him. “I’m fortunate to be here,” Shayne said smiling at his granddaughter. The Sharrar’s other daughter, Courtney, is expecting their second grandchild in July. More miracles.

Castle Pines King Soopers General Manager Dennis Fossceco (left) and his team supported cashier Carla Sharrar (right) during a very tough time in her life.

Article and photos by Lisa Nicklanovich




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