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November Thoroughly Modern Manners

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Readers,

A few things to think about as we get ready for the holiday mail.  I want to dive into addressing cards, specifically the honorific usage and the plural usage.  Holiday cards can be trickier than they seem.  Getting a good/sweet/funny photo of your family and tracking down friends’ addresses can be just the beginning, but there is still grammar and etiquette to worry about.

Honorifics are a polite form of address to show respect.  Examples include Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., The Honorable, Professor or Reverend.  If you believe everyone deserves honorifics and all are worthy of respect, you can find a deep dive on the subject on the internet.  My research revealed that these titles are becoming increasingly obsolete and can be dispensed with for a less formal approach.  Exceptions sit firmly in the realms of royalty, religion, academia and the military.

Now let’s get to those pesky plurals!  The rules are simple:

NO APOSTROPHES ARE NEEDED.  EVER.  For the plural of families, simply add an “s.”

Smith > The Smiths

Johnson > The Johnsons

Miller > The Millers

LAST NAMES ENDING in S, CH, SH, X or Z get an “es.”

Abramovitz > Abramovitzes

Walters > The Walterses

Bush > The Bushes

I hope this little guide will give you some confidence when you sit down to share your joy with those you love.

Keep doing your best!

Big Love,
Mrs. Abramovitz

P.S. Don’t forget to mail early.  The USPS is busy.




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