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One lucky cat!

Karen and Mark Ruzycki thoroughly enjoy Chispita’s love and sass. Chispitas’ almond shaped blue eyes and round head are few of her inherited traditional Siamese characteristics.

Chispita is eight pounds of pure sass, and to Karen and Mark Ruzycki, she is “just one lucky cat.” Chispita, whose name means “little spark,” is a 13-year-old ball of fur who found her way into the Ruzyckis’ home at just 4 weeks old.

Chispita, along with another kitten, was found in a box in a parking lot downtown and then dropped off at the fire house. Mark, a chief for the Denver Fire Department, brought Chispita home, while her sister Luna was adopted by another Denver firefighter.

Named for her spicy personality and sass, Chispita, or Pita, is an extremely nosy, noisy and self-important indoor cat according to the Ruzyckis. She is by far the most vocal and opinionated cat they have ever owned. “She never stops talking,” added Karen. Her breed is not 100% known, but her veterinarian believes she carries Siamese genes. Her vocal outbursts are a typical characteristic of Siamese cats. The breed is known for its ability to communicate to its humans and is happy to keep running monologue for pure entertainment. Some Siamese fans believe their meows are true attempts at inter-species communication.

Chispita notices everything in her home, including the fish. She enjoys watching them but never tries to get them.

Chispita resembles a traditional or “old-style” Siamese, with a rounder head and body and striking blue almond-shaped eyes. Modern Siamese cats are much thinner with wedge-shaped heads. Chispita is intelligent, playful and always curious. She favors her catnip toys and string and is oddly obsessed with the weather segment on the local news.

Even though allergic to cats, Mark could not resist the blue-eyed kitten left at the firehouse, and Karen has always had animals and cats in her life. There is something about a purring ball of fuzz she finds calming.

By Julie Matuszewski: photos courtesy of Karen Ruzycki




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