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Pam Randall, The Bundt Shoppe

Heart of the bundt business

By Susan Helton; photo courtesy of the Randall family

Pam Randall, The Bundt Shoppe owner, is fond of many Bundt flavors. “But my all-time-go-to-when-I-want-to-eat-the-whole-thing flavors are the double chocolate and the lemon squeeze. So delicious!” stated Pam.

When she started The Bundt Shoppe, Pam believed her family thought, “There goes mom again… now what’s she going to ask us to help with?” Kidding aside, Pam’s family has helped greatly, including daughter-in-law Rachel partnering in the business.

“The Bundt Shoppe isn’t forever,” stated Pam, “but the impact you have on someone’s life can be. It’s maybe only cake, but it’s a means to the privilege of a glimpse into people’s hearts and lives. What I mean by looking into the hearts… people share pieces of their life stories with us. So many have been patrons since the beginning, buying cake for all types of reasons. Our wedding couples often return for cake celebrating baby arrivals, so we kind of walk through life with them.”

Pam finds inspiration from family, friends, and people with whom God has blessed her path. “But most of all from my walk with Jesus Christ,” Pam stated.

She claims a unique mentor. “Winnie the Pooh, a definite mentor of mine: ‘I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.’ Yep, good advice!” stated Pam.

Kirk, Pam’s husband of 35 years, is an electrical contractor, owner of Circuit Concepts, Inc. Both grew up in Colorado but met in California at a small Bible college. “I remember that fall morning, hustling late to class, looking up and momentarily locking eyes. Back at my dorm, I told my roommate I’d just seen the guy I was going to marry,” Randall stated. “I’ve never been so sure of anything since, but I definitely got it right that day!”

Family picture

Pam Randall’s family (from the left): Levi (son), his wife Kamie and their children Laynie and Mason (and not pictured, baby Niko); Ashley (daughter and Levi’s twin) with her children Colter and Lyric (Buffalo Ridge Elementary students); Kirk (husband) with Pam; Zach (son) with his wife Rachel and their children Brinley and Decker. “We’ve been blessed! We’re so thankful to have our parents, kids and grandkids all nearby. This is the absolute best part of my life!” stated Pam. “The grandkids are the cuties in some of our Bundt Shoppe photos.”

Away from the business, Pam and her family gravitate to the Colorado outdoors, enjoying biking, hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and four-wheeling. Pam loves gatherings with family and friends. “Without even asking, I get my husband to vacuum when we’re having guests… he vacuums better than I do! I’m inspired to have guests over, so my floor gets a good cleaning!” Pam stated.

Attending the Rockies home opener is Pam’s favorite date with Kirk. She relishes the treat of skipping out on responsibilities in the middle of the day for that first game of the season. Pam also loves sitting on the porch. “I’m passionate about it! A lot of problems can be solved when you just sit on the porch.”




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