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Reading recommendations from true book lovers

By Patte Smith; courtesy photo
Bibliophiles Corner

Photo of Book lovers enjoying discussion of all kinds of books

Book lovers enjoy discussion of all kinds of books at a very successful Douglas County Libraries Book Lovers presentation.

There are people who read voraciously and those who like to read occasionally – grabbing a book at the airport to read on vacation. Books can provide an escape from reality allowing the reader to learn a new craft, discover a piece of history, or expand their mind while relaxing on the beach.

True book lovers are in a category all their own. Many have a book or two waiting in the wings while reading their current book – or books. If there is not a book queued-up on the bedside table, panic begins. Book Lovers at Douglas County Libraries (DCL) is here to help.

An enthusiastic reader and the Douglas County Libraries community relations liaison, Lisa Casper, came up with the idea 14 years ago. She began DCL Book Lovers presentations and discussions. From the onset, it was a huge success and is still going strong at each DCL branch library twice a year.

Casper and her committee present the books they have chosen at the DCL Book Lovers discussion. The audience can jot down book recommendations throughout the meeting and also recommend books. The following day, a complete list of all the recommendations is emailed to the participants and includes a few links to author interviews.

“There are many noteworthy authors that are known and unknown by the public, and many are from Colorado,” stated Casper. “Our challenge is to discover books we feel Book Lovers’ readers will appreciate, enjoy and discuss,” she explained. “There is nothing better than savoring a book and then collectively discussing it with fellow bibliophiles,” she stressed.

Participation by attendees plays a key role at Book Lovers. Sharing information, recommending books, and interacting with presenters is the norm. On occasion, publishers speak at the meetings and share backstories about writing. One publisher even gave a “behind the scenes” look at the steps a manuscript goes through to get published.

“Book Lovers is a success due to Lisa, the committee, library staff at the branches, library patrons and the authors and publishers who graciously intermingle at the events,” noted Special Events Manager Kerri Morgan. “DCL libraries are very fortunate to have fantastic staff and steadfast library patrons.”

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