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Setting your student up for success

By Catalin Varela

It can be quite the challenging balance to support and guide your student through academic success while trying not to seem “over protective” or a “helicopter parent.” But you have gotten them this far, so take a second and appreciate yourself for that! No matter the age of your student, there are always ways to play an active role in their success.

After speaking to a few 80108 parents, there seems to be a consensus that for younger students, the most beneficial thing is to create a routine. With everyone going in different directions and sports practices every night, it is really hard to develop some consistency! But, if you can find one thing that is the same every day, younger students can benefit from the organization. Also, try designating a lower shelf in the pantry with healthy snack options for little hands to grab on their own. It saves you time and starts teaching them how to take care of their needs.

As your students get older, it is important to encourage a sense of balance between their studies and social life. Often times teens swing to one side of the pendulum or the other…they are either extremely studious or at every single social or sporting event. This is not always the case, but encouraging them to find a balance that works for them will be really beneficial when they leave the nest.

Which leads me to my next stage, college. The moment your student pulls out of the driveway, does not have to mark the moment you don’t hear from them. If you don’t already, try sending them a text every once in awhile asking about their day or the fun new hobby they just took up. One 80108 college student said his mom lets him use her Sam’s Club card which saves him a lot of money on food! Little things like this can help you feel connected to your student when they might be hundreds of miles away.

I hope these tips have made the school year seem just a little bit more manageable. Happy schooling!



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