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She is all heart and more

teen holding green bin top

Evelyn Razem is so happy to be a part of Bin Blessed!

Evelyn Razem is a teen who is all heart.  A sophomore at Rock Canyon High School, she has a learner’s permit and a passion for giving back and helping others.

Each week, she volunteers at her old stomping grounds, DCS Montessori School (DCSM), to teach youngsters how to crochet during the after-school specials program.  She has been crocheting for more than 10 years and learned the art in this very same after-school class.

Today, she helps others learn this beautiful and purposeful art, alongside her old teacher, Chrissy Howell and Howell’s daughter, Hannah.  Razem gets to DCSM thanks to Hannah.  “I am so grateful to Hannah for driving me to volunteer,” she said.

Razem is very enthusiastic about crocheting and all that it offers.  “It’s a huge part of my life and my biggest hobby,” she added.  Items like hats and scarves can be made with special care and then donated or given as gifts.  In terms of teaching the youngsters, she feels proud seeing them with a sense of accomplishment as they progress in their learning.

As part of her giving nature, Razem is also involved with Bin Blessed (BB), a nonprofit that provides monthly bins of goodies and care items to families with a child facing a critical illness through There with Care (TWC) in Denver.

Razem learned about BB about two years ago when she witnessed volunteers unloading what appeared to be crafts from cars and taking them into the Douglas County Libraries – Castle Pines. As a lover of arts and crafts, she took interest, asked what they were doing and if she could get involved.  They said yes, of course, and she has not looked back.

It is Razem who connected BB to DCSM and the food collections hosted there (see related story on page 41).  Sheri Flaherty, a BB member, has taken Razem under her wing and cannot say enough about this young woman.

“We were thrilled when Evelyn decided to join Bin Blessed.  She is mature beyond her years and a dedicated member who has contributed to our cause in so many ways – participating in bag events, speaker’s bureau and now assisting with our school food drives in the community,” said Flaherty.  “Evelyn has a giving heart, and thanks to her efforts, we are continuing to make a bigger impact for families with a critically ill child.”

Each month, BB meets and prepares themed bins (Halloween items for October, Father’s Day items for June, a Crock-Pot with soup items for November, etc.).  The bins are then delivered to TWC and distributed to families.

The Bin Blessed ladies adore Razem.  She was even invited to sit at the BB table at the September TWC fundraiser, which featured a red-carpet adventure (especially fun since Razem hopes to be a movie director one day).

“My life is crocheting and Bin Blessed,” concluded Razem.  “It is the small things that make such a meaningful impact.”


teen and kid holding yarn

Evelyn Razem has been crocheting since she was 6 years old. Today she teaches young kids the same craft at DCS Montessori in their after-school program.


By Elean Gersack; photos courtesy of Evelyn Razem




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