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Travel-inspired health and wellness coach new to The Village

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The Village at Castle Pines resident Kim Gensler hopes to work with her neighbors to focus on their health and wellbeing through her new travel-inspired wellness program.

Kim Gensler is an adventurous world traveler.  After graduating from Colorado State University, she went to South Africa to guide safaris.  She stayed 14 years before moving back to Colorado to embark on her new journey as a functional medicine certified health coach and national board-certified health and wellness coach.

“The only reason we are able to travel or do adventurous things is because we have our health.  When you don’t have your health, you’re not going anywhere or doing anything because you physically cannot,” said Gensler.

Gensler’s approach to health and wellness comes from her life experiences.  She struggled with her own health for years after being in a serious car accident in high school that left her with a broken back.

“I was in the hospital for several weeks.  The treatment saved my life, but it wrecked my gut,” Gensler recalled.  She remembers having weight problems, developing psoriasis on her scalp and bowel issues as well as bloating in her stomach.  Functional medicine transformed her health.

“When I started applying those methods, looking for the root cause, I basically healed myself,” said Gensler.  “I lived by functional medicine practices the whole time I was in South Africa.”

She decided it was time to start helping other people take care of themselves.

“Wellness is not a start and a finish.  It’s an ongoing thing,” Gensler said.

Her new travel-inspired wellness program is for people who want to live a healthy, vibrant life and be able to travel and be adventurous when they retire and even leading up to retirement.

“It’s not a quick fix program,” Gensler said.  It is a six-month program that teaches people how to create new healthy habits.  It is virtual, so I can coach anybody from all over the world,” said Gensler. “I’ve been testing it with friends and family and received good feedback.”

Gensler works with clients to figure out why they are not feeling well and determines a treatment plan beyond conventional medicine without taking unnecessary medications.  Her plan addresses five main elements of health – nutrition, movement, mindset, environment and rest and rejuvenation.

“My focus is on weight loss and chronic disease prevention.  I cater to the curious minds, adventure-seekers and people who like to travel.  I’ve intertwined my passion for travel into the program,” shared Gensler.

She calls The Village at Castle Pines home and hopes to connect with other neighbors.  To contact Gensler, visit; email her at or message her on Instagram at @kim_gensler.


people on safari cart

Kim Gensler guides a group of tourists in Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, South Africa. They often encountered rhinos, elephants, buffalo, leopard, giraffe, zebra and plenty of other game species while on safari.


By Mindy Stone; photos courtesy of Kim Gensler




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