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Teens take advantage of entrepreneurship

By Chris Bonham

Two months ago, Judah Musick, president of Castle Pines-based web company User10, launched Teen Startup Challenge in hopes of educating teens about the challenges and joys of starting and running a company. The program was based on Musick’s belief that real-life experience would provide students with opportunities and skill sets that they would be unable to otherwise obtain.

Based on the success of Teen Startup Challenge so far, it would seem as though many teens not only agree with Musick’s belief, but are eager to take advantage of those opportunities and skills.

Due to this eagerness, Musick has expanded the program significantly. Teen Startup Challenge now boasts more than one hundred participants from all across Colorado.

“…We opened up the challenge to all students in Colorado because we had so much demand outside of Douglas County,” Musick explains.

As part of the program’s expansion, Musick and his team have crafted an online community called Teen Startup University, where participants in the program are not only able to interact with business mentors and watch instructional videos on growing their businesses, but are also able to connect with fellow participants through groups organized by business type.

“Finally,” Musick adds, “we are working on planning a large event this fall that will be an awards ceremony as well as a chance for all our teen business owners to connect with each other in person.”

Registration for Teen Startup Challenge was originally scheduled to end on June 16th. However, Musick and his team have removed that deadline and are now able to accept new participants at any time. Teens can continue to register for the program at



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