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The joy of Bentley

couple outside with small white dog

Jeff and Jennifer Edgell with Bentley in 2022 at Cherry Creek Ecological Park. Bentley’s spunky personality brings them joy each day.


Bentley may be mini, but he celebrates big time.  When his owners Jennifer and Jeff Edgell come home, they are greeted by a fur ball of enthusiasm and spunk, a trait common in miniature schnauzers.  Once properly petted and loved, Bentley settles in with his people.

Twelve-year-old Bentley is an AKC registered miniature schnauzer.  His coat is salt and pepper, one of the three common colors patterns of miniature schnauzers, and is unusually softer than the standard wiry coat of schnauzers.

Playful by nature, miniature schnauzers are little dogs that enjoy rigorous play.  His favorite toy is an old-school 1970’s TV character “Mr. Bill.”  Popular on Saturday Night Live, Mr. Bill is most known for the phrase “Ohhh nooo” before meeting his demise in each episode.  “If you ask Bentley where Bill is, he will run to find him from anywhere in the house and bring him back with Mr. Bill saying, ‘Ohhh nooo,’” said Jennifer.

Bentley’s eyebrows and bushy beard give him a human-like appearance that is both handsome and sweet.  Bentley is very friendly and thinks that everyone he encounters wants to play with or pet him.  The Edgell family loves Bentley’s joy and that he is “so happy.”

Descendants of Affenpinschers and standard schnauzers, miniature schnauzers originated in Germany as farm dogs to keep rats from scurrying into food supplies.  They were created to be the all-around farm dogs and ratters.  They were tough, muscular, and fearless without being aggressive.  Their bearded snouts were an important defense against rodents they encountered. The term schnauzer comes from German and means “mustache” or “whiskered snout.”

The schnauzer’s main mission today is to bring companionship to their people.  They bond very strongly with their families and make great companion animals.  Their deepest need is to be fully included in family activities, whether watching television or going out for a run.  Although Bentley loves rabbits, his nemesis is the squirrel.  When he is not chasing one or the other, he is always happy to go on walks, go for a ride, play with his toys or just snuggle on the couch.

“Even his breakfast brings him joy, and I love that about him,” concluded Edgell.


white dog holds his toy in mouth

“Oh nooo!” Bentley is at is again with his favorite toy, Mr. Bill.


white dog sitting in christmas box

Playful Bentley enjoys the magic and spirit of Christmas in 2020.


By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Jennifer Edgell and Green Chair Photography




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