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Women owners at Pines Sports Bar & Grill

Entrepreneurs Priya Kumar (left) and Minakshi Ashra (right) recently opened the new Pines Sports Bar & Grill in Castle Pines.


Two Indian women, Priya Kumar and Minakshi Ashra, who had been on different career paths, are now embarking on a new journey together as co-owners of The Pines Sports Bar & Grill, formerly Berg Haus.

“I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” said Priya. “Minakshi is helping me understand this line of business. It’s exciting!”

Priya does not have business experience per se; her background is in computer coding. She is learning from Minakshi who is no stranger to operating and managing a successful business. Minakshi’s late father always wanted her to pursue a career in business, even though she originally was not sure about the long hours and commitment. She and her husband, Piyush, moved to Colorado from Mumbai, India, in 1999. Minakshi opened her first gas station in 2010, just months after her father passed away.

“I tell my mom and sister that I will never forgive myself for not starting a business when he was alive,” explained Minakshi.

She has also opened gas stations and moved into the hotel industry.

Priya and her husband, Avnish Kapoor, moved into the Castle Valley neighborhood in 2020. Avnish is passionate about cooking and had been looking to build a business in the food industry.

“When this opportunity came in, I spent about two months doing research, interviewing customers and getting the business plan in place,” Avnish recalled.

Avnish is the head chef of the restaurant. He says that their first priority was to make changes to the food and service. They have introduced a new menu with more healthy options, including vegan and Indo-American fusion. They have plans to serve breakfast on the weekends and introduce a menu for dogs to enjoy food on the patio.

“My husband and I always went to Berg Haus. We did not want this place to go away,” Priya said. “I am looking forward to having people enjoy good food and have a good time.”

In their spare time, Avnish and Priya enjoy spending time with their daughter, Vanshika, who attends American Academy. The family’s favorite thing to do is cook food together and watch Netflix. Avnish describes himself and his wife as movie buffs. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are their favorites. They even named their dog Frodo.

Minakshi and her husband live in Highlands Ranch and have a 23-year-old son who will graduate from college in May. They enjoy traveling the world and have many destinations on their bucket list.

“I do not like to sit idle at home, and I love to take on new challenges. That’s why I came into this restaurant business,” said Minakshi. “My mom always cries when I tell her I am buying a new business. She says, ‘That’s what your dad told me you were going to do one day.’”


By Mindy Stone, photo courtesy of Terri Wiebold




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