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Wondervu … Have you heard?

people smiling at a beach

Jennifer, Joel, Scott and Avery Argiro on a recent family vacation.

Do we ever really know our neighbors?  It is something many of us joke about during cul-de-sac get togethers or neighborhood holiday parties.

Hopefully, that is why you enjoy flipping through the pages of The Connection, a place you can turn to learn a little more about your neighbor next door.

Scott Argiro has called Forest Park home for more than five years.  With his wife, Jennifer, and two kids, Joel and Avery, he has enjoyed every part of Castle Pines.

At first glance, one might think Argiro was like any other dad or husband in the neighborhood, working in business during the day and hanging with his two kids and wife in his free time. But sneak a peek behind his personal curtain and you will see that Argiro has another calling: Music. Argiro is a C-level businessman during the day – and a singer/songwriter and part-time actor after hours.

Argiro said, “Music has been a passion since I was a kid.  I started as a drummer, then started writing songs when I was young.  My parents were both schoolteachers, so education was important.  I pursued college, graduating from Penn State then continuing with a master’s degree.”  Argiro says his business career took off, and so did his love for music.  The two have been running parallel for decades.

man in blue suit holding guitar

This is the latest photo released by Scott Argiro’s publicist with the launch of his Wondervu album.

Most recently, Argiro released his newest album, called “Wondervu,” by MTS Records and internationally by Sony Music.  He initially recorded the 10-song album in his home studio.  His band is called The Scotty Hollywood Band.

Argiro said his music is folksy pop, a little like John Mayer or Chris Isaak.  He said this latest album is getting good reviews, and taking off internationally, already getting radio play in Portugal, Hungary, Italy and starting to chart on the pop chart in the UK.  Argiro laughed, “There’s Taylor Swift, and then there’s everybody else!”

Argiro said he has always loved being in front of a crowd, telling stories and sharing music.  He feels fortunate to have several callings in life and to be able to pursue them all.  He enjoys meeting people at business functions, then heading to his room to come up with song titles and new song lyrics.  The creativity flows in both fields.  He shared how fortunate he is to live a life that allows him to nurture his passions.

“It’s crazy, I can present at a board meeting, then a guy will pull me aside at the meeting and say I saw your music video,” Argiro said.

He also loves that he is teaching his two kids that you do not have to settle for one path in life.  Argiro said, “You can chart and succeed at more than one area, if the desire and effort is there.  I think it’s a good story of drive and passion.  You don’t always have to put something aside and just dabble in it.  You can pursue many things in life.”

Check out Argiro’s music at

By Karen Leigh; photos courtesy of Scott Argiro




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