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Xcel Files Application with PUC – Xcel Announces Expansion of Power Line in CPN (update of 5-28-03)

Xcel’s plans to install larger power lines through Castle Pines are continuing. At this time, Xcel has filed its application with the PUC; the CPN Master Association has requested a hearing; and Xcel has not yet filed for a land-use permit with Douglas County. E-mail alerts and the newsletter will keep you updated.

Read the full description of these plans.

Xcel Announces Expansion of Power Line in CPN (update of 5-28-03)

Xcel Energy is planning to rebuild one of the power transmission lines that skirt the eastern side of CPN. Xcel plans to replace one of the existing wooden structures with a taller metal pole, and increase the capacity of the line.

CPN residents first learned of the possibility of this project in April, when Xcel held an “open house” to present information about the project and about alternatives that they were considering. Xcel recently announced that they definitely plan to pursue the project in the corridor that runs through CPN.

What Exactly is Xcel Going to Do?

There are currently three power-line structures along the eastern portion of CPN. They run west of the King Soopers, cross Castle Pines Parkway, are east of the CPN Community Center, and then run diagonally to the northwest, passing several CPN neighborhoods, including The Retreat, Claremont Estates, Huntington Ridge, BriarCliff, GreenBriar, and Hidden Pointe.

All of the existing powerline structures are wooden “H-frame” structures. There are two large structures, and one smaller one.

Xcel is proposing to remove the eastern-most large wooden H-frame structure, which is about 85’ tall, and replace it with a new metal pole that would be about 125’ tall. The new pole would have capacity to carry more electricity than the existing structure.

What would the new poles look like?

The new structure would be a brownish color. See an illustration of the proposed structure that compares the old to the new structures.

For an example of the power-line poles that would be used, here are locations to see similar size or color:

To see an example of a power line structure that is a similar size, check out existing transmission lines at 470 and Quebec.

To see other power-line poles that have the same color as the ones that would be used in CPN, see the power lines at Founders Parkway and Highway 86 (east of Castle Rock), or at Santa Fe and 470 (north of the old Hugh M Woods building.

When Would the Project Start and End?

Summer 2003: The permitting process will begin

Fall 2003:
Xcel’s engineering crew will be finalizing construction plans

Fall 2004: Construction on foundations will begin

Spring 2005: New pole(s) and wires will be installed

Summer 2005: Project will be completed

What Are the Impacts to Our Community?

One of the community’s current power line structure(s) will be re-built and will obviously be visible from all areas near the line(s) – the CPN entryway, parks, and open spaces, as well as the adjacent homes. The taller pole means that it will be visible from more homes.

The larger lines will actually reduce the Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) produced by power lines – a positive for CPN!

At first, the new power lines will not emit a louder buzzing noise, but may in the future when the lines are used at their fullest capacity.

What’s Next?

Xcel owns the land in this corridor, thus the approval process is not as extensive as it would be if they were attempting to establish a new corridor.

Before the project can begin, the Colorado Public Utility Commission (PUC) must grant final approval, and Xcel must receive permits from Douglas County and other governmental offices where the line is located. All of these steps are expected to happen this summer.

A group of CPN residents is working on a response to this proposal and will follow it as it goes through the approval process. If you have information to contribute, comments, or are interested in participating, send an email to, or call (303) 482-3078.

What can adjacent property owners do?

Xcel has offered to work with property owners adjacent to the corridor regarding the exact placement of the new poles. Xcel’s engineers expect the new poles to be placed in about the same location as the existing structure, however it may be possible to adjust location of specific poles (they won’t move it from your back yard to someone else’s, but they as they may be able to adjust placement slightly to accommodate a property owner’s need).

Anyone interested in speaking with Xcel should contact Anne MacRae, Principal Agent, Xcel Energy/Public Service Company, 550 15th Street, Suite 700, Denver, CO 80202-4256.

Phone: 303-571-7353 or 1-800-621-9427, Fax: 303-571-7877.

If you are interested in working on this issue, please contact the Master Association at 303-482-3078, or e-mail



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