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3-Step model (V.A.S.) for social media success

By Michelle Post

Social media must be strategic and tactical; however, over the last decade the mantra has been “be everywhere and post a lot.” This is not the case any longer. Instead, social media is an integral part of a business’ identity. It is a digital representation of its physical representation, both internal and external. I call this digital representation V.A.S. (voice, assets, systems). Using this model could help you achieve social media success.

Voice – A business’ voice is its way of expressing itself through physical and digital communication. As each person is uniquely gifted (voice), so is each business. It is a business’ voice that adds value to others. Recognized global authority on business philosophy Bernadette Jiwa says it this way, “Your content and copy are the way you woo your customers. They are your voice and the way you communicate your brand’s personality.”

– Assets are both internal and external components of you and your business. I was recently teaching a social media workshop and there were three different insurance companies represented. I asked what makes their offering different from others? The agent said, “Me and my experiences.” Digital assets are created from these experiences, knowledge, and tools you use to run your business. Consumers love checklists, templates and quick answers to their questions, and your businesses have a plethora of these assets. Do not be afraid to give all that you know and use away. It will come back to you in the form of loyal customers.

Systems – A system has many definitions, but I think of it as the hardware, software, people, processes, and procedures to accomplish a specific task, solve a problem, or perform a daily routine. And, it is these systems that can make the management of social media easy and not a burden. Start slow, keep it simple, design good strategies and use repeatable systems.

Social media is an extension of who you are, and your business is also an extension of you. Use social media to enhance what is already inside you, your gifts, your values, your solutions to solve others’ problems and add value.



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