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About Personal Boundaries

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Reader,
We are living in a time of declining etiquette and breaches in personal boundaries. With the holidays upon us and our desire to behave, we should check ourselves.

Old social codes were vigorous and strict. Today, those seem utterly outdated, but they did give us firm direction and a sense of privacy.

The traditional boundaries are physical, moral, emotional and financial and all deserve healthy lines drawn around what is to be tolerated. “Back then,” the discussion of money issues was a hard “no” as well as unpleasant occurrences, illnesses, feelings and sometimes politics.

In 2022, the idea that we should be careful about personal information seems inconceivable. The internet plus social media have pretty much obliterated privacy and personal space.

So how do we protect against oversharers and TMI (too much information)? Learn to say “no.” Set boundaries for your personal, physical and online space. I encourage you to do some research around this and take a direct and kind approach against offenders.

Michael Waters, writer for The Atlantic said it best: “Perhaps someday we’ll each stumble into a rhythm: We’ll put up guardrails when we need to, open up when it feels right, and feel grateful that we have the choice at all. For now, we’re just living through the hard part.”

Trust the process.

Big Love and Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Abramovitz

Big Love and Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Abramovitz




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