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Holiday pancake mix

Holiday pancake mix for festive gifting

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett

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Photo of pancake mix

It’s the time of year when indulgence is on the menu, and no holiday tradition embodies this idea more than a delicious breakfast. What’s more celebratory than starting the day with special once-a-year treats in the company of family and friends? As an added bonus, the breakfast treats most of us know and love taste like they’re difficult but are generally pretty simple to put together. No breakfast food incorporates this idea of simple goodness more than the pancake. This traditional Christmas morning treat consists entirely of fridge and pantry staples, but when they’re fresh and smothered in delicious topping, they can’t be beat.

Pancakes are literally hundreds of years old and some version of a pancake can be found in cultures worldwide, but the pancake mix is an all-American phenomenon. Originally, dry pancake mix was developed for use in train dining cars, a technique that cut down on the required mixing steps and allowed pancakes to be quickly made to order. Of course, pancake mix isn’t limited to use on trains, and whipping up a pre-made mix is just as easy – and quite a bit more delicious – than purchasing one at the grocery store.

Because December is high pancake season, I am a big fan of gifting pancake mix. Giving a mix means I can also include some fun extras – a cute whisk or tea towel, for instance. In years when I’ve been industrious during the summer and fall growing seasons, I can also include a jar of homemade strawberry jam or apple butter to serve with the pancakes. All of these items are inexpensive, festive and useful, making them ideal gifts to give to friends and co-workers. As an added bonus, a mix means that recipients can use my gift when it’s convenient for them, whether that is Christmas morning, New Year’s Day, or even Valentine’s brunch.

This year, I whipped up giant bowls of this mix and then measured out two-cup portions into pretty jars from the craft store. I affixed red ribbon and a simple label with directions on how to mix the pancakes with additional ingredients (eggs, milk, and melted butter) and then cook on a hot griddle until golden on both sides. This summer’s strawberry jam added a beautiful red accent that matched the ribbon and label on the pancake mix and added a sweet, delicious topping that is an interesting and tasty departure from traditional maple syrup.

If you’re giving this mix as a gift, I suggest investing in a fresh container of baking powder and a new box of baking soda – these are the ingredients that give pancakes their rise. New leavening ingredients will ensure that the resulting pancakes are light and fluffy. While giving this mix is a beautiful way to wish someone a happy season, it’s also quick and simple to whip up a batch to keep in your own pantry. Use this and you’ll have a delicious, indulgent breakfast on the table in no time at all, whether it’s Christmas morning or just an ordinary Tuesday. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.



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