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Let’s Be Better Shoppers

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Reader,

The Starbucks cups are everywhere. I know, I’m guilty of setting one down to look at something while shopping and forgetting it. But I’m here to remind myself and all of you that we can do better. There’s a funny sign at a BBQ joint in Colorado Springs that says, “Pick up after yourself, your Mother doesn’t work here.”

I wanted to speak to retail shopping, but a friend who is a flight attendant reminded me that picking up after oneself runs the gamut and applies to any retail/customer service industry. She wanted me to remind you that the pocket in front of your seat is not a trash receptacle.

When shopping, throw your garbage away – in a garbage can, not a random store shelf. Hang clothes back up if they happen to slip off the hanger. Pick items up when you drop them and place them back where they go. If you change your mind on an item, put it back where it went, or at least give it to the cashier and inform them that you changed your mind. Show the employees kindness and understanding.

And yes, return the shopping cart to the designated area and remove all garbage from the cart. If you “borrowed” a Starbucks cup holder, return it.

We can be more responsible and respectful shoppers!

Big Love, Mrs. Abramovitz



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