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Celebrating 15 Amazing Years



Celebrating a milestone, especially one as significant as 15 years of delivering “a little good news” to the community, is a great opportunity to look back at those who have been a part of the incredible adventure.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of residents who have invited us into your homes and your lives to share your stories and photos; we have laughed and cried together. Thank you to the businesses that have advertised and financially supported us, allowing us to deliver directly into mailboxes free of charge. Thank you to the municipal and nonprofit organizations that have partnered with us; we appreciate you and all you do for the community. And most of all, thank you to our incredible staff – with whom all of this is made possible.

A peek at the people behind the pages reveals a collaboration in the truest form; incredibly committed individuals having fun together doing really good work. What started as just four friends, The Castle Pines Connection family has grown throughout the years and averages 20-25 dedicated contributors at any given time.

Some have experienced the entire journey, while others have made a powerful impact during their shorter chapters with the paper. Most are residents themselves, and they contribute because they care. They love where they live; they enjoy their neighbors; their kids attend local schools; and they want to be a part of something meaningful that touches people’s lives.

Many volunteer with nonprofit organizations they have come to know through telling their stories. Several have completed master’s degree programs since joining the paper. One writer was an architect, while one is a television news anchor who wants to get more involved in her community.  Another is an attorney-turned graphic designer and proofreader. One is an international award winner in Adobe Photoshop, and others have published books.  A few have gone on to launch successful “next chapter” careers.

They all – past and present – have shared their time and diverse expertise to make a difference.  Each will forever be part of the fabric of the 80108 community and The Castle Pines Connection family.


By Terri Wiebold; photos courtesy of Castle Pines Connection staff members – past and present



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